This site displays jail booking mug shots of suspects arrested and placed into jail. This is done as a public service, both to identify suspects to the public and to be a public record of police activity. Being arrested is not evidence of a suspect's guilt. Suspects are all considered innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law.

Editorial policy

Editorial policies are guidelines by which editors can make decisions based upon predetermined parameters. They are intended to guide editors, discouraging arbitrary decisions. We carefully decided to publish every mugshot of every person booked into jail to avoid the appearance of favoritism. As such, we developed an editorial policy, which we publish here in the interest of transparency. Please note that this is a policy, and editors always exercise discretion in its application.

We will NEVER accept payment for removal of mugs. If a local site operator offers to accept payment to remove a mug, please report them immediately, because doing so is grounds for immediate termination of their contract with LeftRight Communications.

Why we don't remove mugs

The mug photos that are published here are published here forever. We often receive questions asking why we do not remove mugs after a period of time or after the cases have reached their final disposition, and the answer is simple: this site is a record of arrests. Conviction or acquittal do not change the fact that the suspect was arrested.

Why we publish this site

Our site is a public service. As a result of its publication, we have heard from numerous sources consistently through the years that drunk driving has decreased in frequency and more intoxicated people are calling cabs or sober friends to drive them home, specifically for the purpose of avoiding ending up on this site. If for no other reason, we believe that public service justifies the existence of this site.


As part of our service, we sometimes link to government-provided links on sites such as ODCR, which display details about court cases involving the suspects. That data is generated from district courts across the state, and it is provided by the state government under the Freedom of Information act. IMPORTANT: ODCR does not provide information as to the disposition of any case, and as such, it is often impossible to tell from that site whether the defendant has been convicted of the crimes listed. All defendants and suspects are innocent by law until they are proven guilty in a court of law, and cases on ODCR are no exception to that rule. While we are thankful to have access to the information, we do so with the caveat that the information itself is fundamentally flawed by the omission of telling the reader the disposition of the cases. We admonish our readers to not leap to assumptions based on the data from that or any other site we link to. We cannot reiterate enough that appearance on that site (or this one) is in no way an indicator of guilt. We felt it necessary to include this disclaimer because of the flaws in the ODCR system.

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